Hale – Unrestrictive Nutrition

The past two weeks of training at Hale Gym + Spa have unequivocally confirmed two important principles for me:

  1. You don’t need to train for hours every day to build muscle and fitness
  2. You don’t need to skimp on your food to feel amazing and lose body fat

The fitness and diet industry, however, would like to tell you differently. The underlying culture is to train as much as you can handle and then live on no carbs and protein shakes until you’re abs pop out! Then and only then do you deserve to wear a bikini and call yourself healthy. Apparently.

I couldn’t agree with this any less if I tried. I also wear a bikini and my abs don’t pop out, so they’e definitely wrong about that!

I’ve been talking about the principles of taking a more moderated approach to health and fitness for years. And the past two weeks have solidified this message in my heart even further!

Lessons from the past…

I used to do CrossFit a number of years ago and I desperately wanted to become leaner through the process. I did what many of us do when we embark on a health and fitness journey: I trained intensely for 1-2 hours every day and tried to follow a weight loss meal plan.

The result:

I would get so hungry, every few days I’d suddenly ‘crack it’ and eat all the food in sight. Or I’d get to a training session and feel like my limbs were made of lead and couldn’t keep up. One particular training session, my competitive streak got the better of me. I pushed myself too hard. I was tired, overtrained and underfed, not to mention stressed. All it took was one poorly executed movement and I was injured. Enough to stop CrossFitting for good.

Now to the present…

Fast forward three years and I’ve just completed two weeks of The Hale Method and am very impressed with the results so far. I shouldn’t be surprised though. I see these results in my clients (the ones who implement my advice) all the time. But to see them in myself, well, that has been pretty cool!

The method is comprised of the following:

  • 4 highly planned training sessions a week covering all of the key foundations of strength and fitness
  • a muscle building nutrition plan of 2400 – 2700 calories per day

My results so far…

Over the past two weeks my weight has increased by 200g. So not much change there.

I have, however, gained 2kg of lean muscle and my body fat % has dropped from 26.7% to 23.1%. In fact, in just one week, my InBody scan told me I lost exactly 800g of body fat and one 1cm from my abdomen. The rest of my body has stayed the same size. Except my boobs. They’re a little bigger (yay) but I’m pre-menstrual (boo).

So despite eating what seems like A LOT of food to some people and only training 4 days a week – because it’s the right kind of training (created by one of the best trainers around) and because all my calories are only coming from high quality food, my body is changing! And I don’t feel deprived, miserable, tired, cranky or sore to achieve it!

I feel great! I don’t get on the scales incessantly and obsess over the changes day to day. I don’t feel annoyed at the fact that I have to eat vegetables or prepare my meals. I feel excited by it! The meal plans (if I do say so myself) are flavoursome, easy to prepare, filling, delicious and I look forward to every mouthful. I eat so much during the week that over the weekend, I actually have no desire to over eat or eat poorly. I’m just not hungry!

This is what healthy eating is all about! Enjoyment. Satisfaction. Ease. It’s not about restriction. And it certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

If you’ve been my client and I’ve told you to eat more food but you’ve found that recommendation hard to implement, please continue to follow my journey. I want to prove to you that a healthy, happy body comes from moderation, a sensible dietary approach, smart training practices and my favourite word – consistency!

If you’d like to see my training and food day to day, check out my Instagram story @kfnutrition. Please don’t hesitate to say hi!

Article by Kate Freeman

Registered Nutritionist. Writer. Presenter. Home cook. Mother. Wife. Runner. Hiker. Amateur photographer.