Everyday Eats

An iPhone shot, untouched, unstyled, healthy eating recipe book for people who want ‘real’ not perfection.

I love browsing through all the beautiful health and wellbeing recipe publications when I’m at the local book store. Some of them are exquisite. But I can’t help but wonder:

“Is this what real life is like?”.

For most of us, it’s not. We don’t live perfect, easy, beautiful lives. We live challenging, frustrating at times, full, busy, very imperfect lives. So I thought I’d write a book for those of you over perfect and looking for healthy eating advice and recipes that are easy and realistic to put into action. This is it:

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 Hard copy

A swanky hard copy that you can write little notes in and watch it wear out as you cook from it day to day!

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Everyday Eats is a collection of recipes based on my experiences from 12 years in the nutrition industry and from the way I feed myself and my family each and everyday.

I don’t pretend to have it all together, so don’t buy this book if you’re wanting immaculate photos of kale, smoothie bowls, flower crowns and six packs. Buy this book because you’re tired of being sold ‘perfection’ and you’re ready to embrace real life!

You can eat well, lose weight, feel good about your food choices and occasionally be lazy, rely on easy meals and enjoy everything that you put in your mouth! I do it every single day!

I love eating. I’m not stressed about food. I feel confident in my food choices and I’m FREE to move on with my life and achieve my dreams.

Food is not the be all and end all. It’s not meant to be the ultimate goal. It’s just a tool to help you do life well! And these recipes will help you do just that! I hope that if you don’t already feel this way about your diet, that the pages of this book will help you get there!

I wholeheartedly believe that the magic of change comes when you start to take action. It’s my goal that every page you read inspires to you act. To implement. To do something different. To try something new.

This book is not a diet plan or weight loss book, it’s a recipe book with over 60 different meal and snack ideas that educates you about healthy eating, to promote weight loss or ongoing weight management.