How to Make a Nourish Plate

Building a diet out of whole foods is easier than you think!

There are regularly times during the course of my week, when I get home from a long day of work and find myself with the conundrum of having to find something to eat. What I’ve found works a treat on these days is creating a nourish plate.

A nourish plate is simply a plate of whole foods, as many as I can muster up from my fridge and pantry, presented as a smorgasbord of variety. The vegetables are often raw, because I don’t feel like or have time to cook them, there’s usually some kind of leftover meat, fish or chicken and then I grab my favourite flavours and textures and put together an exciting and delicious plate of ‘yum’!

The key components of your nourish plate are a healthy carbohydrate source (like quinoa, brown rice, potato or corn kernels) a protein source (tofu, chicken, salmon, tuna, roast meats) and lots of healthy whole food fat sources (avocado, nuts and seeds). Yum!

The key is ensuring you add delicious flavours like feta, olive, sun-dried tomatoes, vinegar, aioli, fresh herbs, spices and aromatics like onion or garlic! Let your imagination run wild!

The nourish plate contains the following:

Smoked salmon – it’s offering me protein, healthy fats and stacks of other vitamins and minerals.

Quinoa – I often cook this in bulk, separate it into snap lock bags and keep individual portions in the freezer. Perfect for those lazy days.

Red cabbage – which is really purple! I love including this in meal times because it’s crunchy, nutritious and colourful.

Apple – sweet and crunchy and it goes perfectly with the next ingredient.

Feta – add a little bit of saltiness and flavour! #fetamakesitbetter

Cherry tomatoes – little pops of sweet nutritious yumminess!

Carrot – grated for was of eating and add vibrant colour plus stacks of nutrition.

Rocket – i love it’s peppery flavour and of course, it’s the green on the plate.

Avocado – healthy fats, fibre, vitamins – it’s also incredibly delicious!

Pumpkin seeds – just small sprinkle for crunch texture and nutrition!

Walnuts – again the texture and crunch of these nutritious whole foods make for a delicious meal.

Dill – the final whole food is a fresh herb, paired perfectly with salmon that just pulls the whole plate together! Yum!

Red wine vinegar – a little touch of acidity to round out all the flavours!

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Article by Kate Freeman

Registered Nutritionist. Writer. Presenter. Home cook. Mother. Wife. Runner. Hiker. Amateur photographer.