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July 2017: Working mums use holiday time to care for kids with colds and flu

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July 2017: My interview about the Cenovis Immunity Index 2017

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Mix106.3 Canberra Radio

Feb 2017: My comments on the proposed junk food ban

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SBS World News

Feb 2017: Taxing sugar and fat would extend life expectancy by eight days

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Davenport Radio

March 2017: Chatting about vegetables, The Plate Model and talking to a nutrition professional!

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Kate Freeman Radio Interview

The Sydney Morning Herald

2016: Working mothers put their health second, research shows

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2016: Mother’s Day: Exhausted mums working 80 hours a week

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Kid’s Spot

2016: Mum flu: Yes, it’s a thing!

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2016: A new type of flu has been diagnosed – ‘mum flu’ and it has some unique characteristics

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