Silent Metabolic Disruption

Could you be insulin resistant?

It’s a silent condition and many individuals don’t even know that they have it!

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases sweeping the globe. Its the disease of over-consumption and combined with different genetic factors is basically the consequence of long term over-eating.

The development of diabetes is actually thought to occur years before you actually get it. Through a condition called insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance occurs when particular cells in your body stop listening to a metabolic hormone, called insulin. Insulin is produced in response to sugar in your blood.  It tells the cells the take the sugar out of the blood stream and metabolise it (burn or store it). This helps to keep your blood sugar levels stable and means that sugar can be used as a fuel source in your muscles and liver. Sugar is no good to you if it stays in your blood.

People with insulin resistance have normal blood glucose levels. So whats the problem? Well, although your body seems to be controlling it’s blood sugar levels OK, because it’s become insulin resistant, it needs super high levels of insulin to do it. The presence of all this excess insulin in the body, wrecks havoc on other body systems. Heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver and even some cancers are thought to be the result of these extra-high insulin levels. And of course insulin resistance eventually leads to full blown type 2 diabetes.

Insulin resistance, however, is not a disease you can just ‘catch’! It’s much more complex than that. Check out my video below to find out more!

Episode 5: The Daily Dollop:

If you’re struggling with managing your type 2 diabetes or suspect that you may be pre-diabetic or have insulin resistance, then it’s worth getting a blood test and checking. Then get some help from an accrediting practising dietitian (APD), like the ones  at my private practice, The Healthy Eating Hub. They can help you so much!

In the mean time, here are some quick daily dietary tips:

  • include plenty of fresh vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit – eat as much vegetables as you can! Raw, steamed, stir-fried, roasted, braised! Get on it!
  • include daily exercise – the more active you are the less insulin resistant your body becomes – walk, dance, run, lift weights, play sport! It doesn’t matter what it is, just move! And do it often!
  • lose weight – research shows that even a loss of 5% of your body weight can improve insulin resistance and decrease risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Lose weight in the same way you want to maintain it and you can keep it off for life!

Just know that you don’t need a special pill, potion, powder, cleanse or detox to deal with diabetes or insulin resistance. Your body needs to move, not consume more food than it needs and be nourished with beautiful whole foods. Don’t be deceived. Keep it simple! If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me.

Article by Kate Freeman

Registered Nutritionist. Writer. Presenter. Home cook. Mother. Wife. Runner. Hiker. Amateur photographer.