Why I Exist

Hello. I’m Kate. I’m an unpologectic oversharer.

I hate wearing bras. Sometimes I forget to shower. I cry all the time. I love sun-sets and hearing people’s stories. I’m addicted to social media notifications and fight a raging internal battle of wanting world domination and wanting to lie in bed all day watching movies naked. I have goals I don’t feel I’m capable of achieving. Yet I chase after them anyway!

I’m a nutritionist.

A university qualified one. And I’m still at university. I’m always learning. It’s a drive deep inside me. I love it. The more I learn, the more I realise that I don’t know. My knowledge is not self-taught from Google. And not to dis Google taught people (its taught me lots of things), but Google doesn’t often get it right. Be careful what you read and be even more careful what you believe. Because whether they know it or not, many people are sharing incorrect information about food and nutrition and it’s making you feel stressed and confused. Maybe you need to stop reading so much?

I love food.

All foods. Cooking it. Eating it. Organising it. Shopping for it can get old. But fresh food markets with hot pies and fresh mangos are the bomb diggity. Food is best whole. Coulourful. Flavoursome. Shared with friends. Around a table. With laughter and a little wine. I’m for food. I’m not against it. If there’s a conspiracy theory out there about food, I don’t buy it and if I did I wouldn’t care. I’m for enjoyment. For not sweating the small stuff. I’m for planning and spontaneity. I’m for spinach and I’m for chocolate. And all that’s in between.

I don’t classify foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

I don’t scaremonger. If I’m anti-anything, I’m anti-people/brands/diets that make you feel anxious, stressed or guilty about certain foods that you eat.
I think my clients are capable, smart and amazing adults. Able to make their own choices. My job is actually not to tell my clients what to eat. My job is to communicate to them evidenced-based information in a way that empowers and inspires them to make change.
You see, confusion will leave you paralysed and you’ll fail to take action. Anxiety and guilt will cripple and stifle you. Knowledge and feeling empowered with that knowledge will inspire you. To act. To implement. To put into practice.
This is the only way healthy eating becomes, not what you TRY to do, but who you ARE and what you DO. And not because you stress about it and strive for perfection, but because you feel confident in YOUR choices.

Life is much more than food.

Don’t get me wrong, food is great. I love food. But I want to eat, enjoy what I ate, have it nourish my body and my soul and then I want to MOVE ON to whats more important in my life! My family, my dreams, making memories, building relationships. Leaving a legacy.
If you want to be my client, get in touch. I can do consultations via face or online. I also do nutrition talks and presentations. I can come to your gym, your work, your day care centre. I can talk about weight loss, emotional eating, fussy toddlers, warding off sugar cravings and ANYTHING YOU WANT – so long as it empowers and elicits action in my listener!

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Article by Kate Freeman

Registered Nutritionist. Writer. Presenter. Home cook. Mother. Wife. Runner. Hiker. Amateur photographer.